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Mobile Class

My Gym offers 4 models of gym classes for preschools: Physical classes taking place at the My Gym’s center. Physical classes (Named Mobile Class) taking place at Preschool. My Gym Playground, an ideal picnic destination for kindergartens. Kids’ special events (we are specialist in organizing events, especially sporting events for preschools). Mobile Classes provide: 1. The week- updated international curriculum which is the combination of movement exercises such as swinging, acrobatics, balancing … 2. Movement games and many different sports. 3. International learning environment by using 100% English in teaching, your kids will learn English naturaly and effectively. 4. Modern and safe exercise tools accredited to American standards. There have been many preschools trusting to bring My Gym class into the school curriculum such as Kinder World, Me School, Amon Pre School, Fly Finger, Alpha system… … My Gym has also cooperated with many international kindergartens in using My Gym’s programmes for many years.


Trường mầm non First Steps Academy (FSA) là 1 trong những đối tác tin cậy, thân thiết của My Gym....

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Tuần cuối cùng của tháng 8, My Gym Đống Đa hân hạnh là đơn vị tổ chức các lớp học...

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[Mầm Non CASA BAMBINI] Lớp học thể chất vui nhộn

My Gym Vietnam tiếp tục là đơn vị được trường Casa Bambini tin tưởng hợp tác trong các hoạt động...

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